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  • 2016 圣诞节及元旦物海龙流放假安排
  • 海运行李10个最容易犯的错误, 不要拖到最后才想起托运行李
  • 担心空运物品被收关税? 不知道选择哪种托运方式? 别担心了, 咱们海龙可以帮您解决! 你来装箱,海龙来运!

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    Importing goods from abroad into the UK is easy and affordable with Dragon Sea.

    Import Service


    Group Order 

    Looking for further cost containment and saving for your air freight to our wide selection available? Look no further as you can further save on your shipment. 

    Group Booking is where you can further save more. Plan out with your friends and have your shipment grouped together for shipping. You can chose from 5 boxes minimum to any maximum amount you desire. The more you sent the more you save. We do not have any restriction for your group booking on the receiving end therefore you can have a group of people or more and send to 5 or more different addresses. The boxes will be collected from your designated collection address.

    You can select from 15 to 25 kgs or if you prefer to use your own boxes you can do so. Please be informed that once the shipment is selected for odd box (where you use your own boxes) then all the others must also be odd boxes. If you have selected our standard boxes then these boxes will be delivered to you prior to your shipment. 

    We will be collecting deposit for our group booking and once the amount of boxes are confirmed then our dedicated drivers will be sending the nice over for your packing and shipment. 

    For any urgent collection for group order ,  we will arrange the local courier to pick up your boxes,£10 per box will be applied. Please give us 2 days notice in advance to arrange, Monday to Friday will be available.  For non urgent free collection service, it will be arranged and scheduled by our collection department, and notice will be given via email or telephone.


    Air Freight:( For China Mainland only, not including Hong Kong/ Taiwan/ Macau

    Information you must to know when you travel by Air Service:

    ·        When you about to return to China, please remember to fill in a declaration form (People Republic China of Entry Personal Baggage Declaration Form) at the domestic entry counter in airport. This form is important to expedite your clearance process and may help to avoid unnecessary tariffs that incur to your parcel. Otherwise, your parcel might be considered as commodity or gift and incur great duty and tax in China.

    ·        When your parcel/luggage arrived in China, the domestic custom agent will contact you and may ask you to provide the declaration form as well as your original passport and ID card to complete the clearance process.

    ·        Additional of £20 per parcel is applicable if you are not leaving UK in short period and would like to use our customs cleared solution. Please let us know if you would like to choose this option.


    Group Order Price List (Air Freight)

    Box Size Max Weight Country Transit Time 5  boxes or more


    (58cm x 50cm x 36cm)

    25kg Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Macau, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand,  India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Pakistan, UAE, Japan, Canada 7 to 14 days £70 per box


    (50cm x 36cm x 29cm)


    £60 per box


    Box Size

    Max Weight


    Transit Time

    5  boxes or more

    Large (58cm x 50cm x 36cm)

    Medium (50cm x 36cm x 29cm)



    14 to 21 days

    £85 per box

     Note: 1. Transit Time does not include the destination custom clearance procedure

              2. Please call for more detail


    Click here to place your group order online NOW!! Good News for Group Leader:

    Group Leader will entitle FREE STRAPPING SERVICE if you complete the instruction given below:

    1. Once your group order has gone through and deposit is paid, please share our website information or any promotion links on your Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram /WeiBo /WeChat etc. All members of the group must take part in this. Group leader shall gather all the sharing pictures(screeenshots) from members and email to us:
    2. All members are require to add us as your WeChat or Facebook friend, and send your Group Order No. to inform us
    3. As group leader, you will be held responsible to inform all members about important information from us under any circumstances.
    4. It is compulsory for group leader to be present during the collection day.




    Place your group order online

    Click here to place your group order online NOW!!



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