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  • 2016 圣诞节及元旦物海龙流放假安排
  • 海运行李10个最容易犯的错误, 不要拖到最后才想起托运行李
  • 担心空运物品被收关税? 不知道选择哪种托运方式? 别担心了, 咱们海龙可以帮您解决! 你来装箱,海龙来运!

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    Importing goods from abroad into the UK is easy and affordable with Dragon Sea.

    Import Service


    We send all with care.

    At DragonSea we are committed to customer care and building strong and long lasting relationships with all our customers.We send your excess luggage & belongings to just about anywhere in the world. Hassle free.

    Founded in 2003 with that ethos in mind. Since the first store, established at Preston -UK, DragonSea has been committed to achieving that goal: to give our customers an added peace of mind knowing their delivery is in safe hands, from the pick up time to delivery.

    With services to over 300 countries and over 25,000 cities worldwide, DragonSea is one of the UK's leading providers of luggage shipping services.

    "We have made DragonSea the 'MUST USE' Luggage Shipping Company. This has been achieved by giving friendly, courteous and top level service to our clients. We want our new customers to tell their friends how good our service is."

    Administration of DragonSea

    What can we do for you?

    Specialising in international transfers, removals and excess luggage, with DragonSea you can be sure that all of your requirements and needs are fully satisfied. We take care of everything.


    Why choose us?

    1. We care about customer’s deliveries.
    That’s why your boxes are best quality double-wall and FREE OF CHARGE.

    2. We care a lot for customer’s needs and requirements
    We offer our customers the option of FREE STORAGE for a whole month and Saturday delivery.

    3. We care about simplicity. Therefore, we provide an on-line global tracking system and an easy on-line booking system.

    4. We care about the safety of our customers. In order to achieve that goal we have a safe and secure on-line payment.

    5. We care for schedules.
    We ensure the extra luggage and all delivery material arrive on time and intact. We offer our customers more control, Global Door to Door shipments and information MONITORED REMOTELY regarding their deliveries.

    6. We care about providing an unparalleled service level.
    This service is further enhanced through no hidden extra charges and on screen price includes VAT where applicable. Offering high standards of service and convenience, we will also endeavour to match cheaper quotes than any other cargo agent.

    7. We take care of everything.
    So, all shipping aspects are handled for convenience of customers, including Customs clearance, delivery and collection, all they have to do is to inform us where to do the deliveries and when.


    “My thanks to DragonSea for ensuring my fist holiday that in 7 years was hassle free. An excellent service that I will recommend to all my friends.“
J. Smith, UK

    “Wow! All delivered in time! Again, many thanks.”J. Pinto. PORTUGAL

    “The most hassle free journey we have ever undertaken. We shall certainly use this service again and will tell everyone about it. Kind regards,”M. Stuart, Scotland


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